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Hotel THe Tarifa Lances

Hotel THe Tarifa Lances Senses Collection

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Hotel THe Tarifa Lances

Calle Mar Adriático, 38

C.P. 11380

Tel: +34 956 68 12 36

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  • Airport: 60 min ‐ 120 min
  • Beach: 5 min
  • Supermarket: 2 min (walking)
  • Medical Centre: 1,2 Km
  • Pharmacy: 450 m
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  • Airport Name: Aeropuerto de Sevilla, Aeropuerto de Jerez, Aeropuerto de Gibraltar, Aeropuerto de Málaga
  • Airport Code: SVQ, XRY, GIB, AGP
  • Beach Name: Playa de Los Lances
  • Shopping Centre Name: Centro comercial La Vega

  • Surroundings

    Hotel THe Tarifa Lances lies in the municipality of Tarifa, just 100 kilometers away from Cádiz, capital of the province. Tarifa, called “Al-Yazirat Tarif” (Tarif Island) by the Muslims, gives the first name to our hotel. The famous Lances Beach, a natural protected area of more than ten kilometers length and approximately 200 hectares, gives the second name. In it, the waters of the rivers Jara, Vega and Salado become one. Also, it is a space of great importance for migratory birds that journey from and to Africa. In this coast you will admire kilometers of find and golden sand as well as crystal-clear waters that have no need to envy other spots on the planet. With this landscape on the one hand, and Point Tarifa or Marroqui on the other, there is no doubt that Hotel THe Tarifa Lances lies in a privileged space. Furthermore, an unrivalled natural landscape and a spectacular natural monument embrace it. The Natural Park Los Alcornocales is the largest oak forest in Spain. Due to the diversity of its reliefs, it offers a wide activity range for nature and risk-taking sports. The Natural Park of El Estrecho (i.e. strait) has a great ecological, landscape, historical and cultural value with an extraordinary quality. Also, it is part of the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean Sea. The biodiversity of this enclave has an incalculable value and is a unique space, as it is the first reserve that has a sea within its limits.

    In Tarifa you will discover several testimonies of the prehistoric era. For example, Cueva del Moro (i.e. Moorish cave) is Europe´s southernmost Paleolithic sanctuary. Furthermore, the necropolis of Los Algarbes is one of Spain´s most important archaeological sites. Just 20 kilometers away from Tarifa you will find Baelo Claudia, the famous ancient Roman city that lies in Bolonia. Also, here you can discover the renowned waters and the spectacular dune of Bolonia.

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    An interesting fact: did you know that Isla de Las Palomas or Isla de Tarifa (i.e. Doves´ Island or Tarif´s Island) is connected to the mainland by causeway? The island lies just in front of Tarifa´s town, and on it you can breath the Mediterranean air if you turn left, while you will get the Oceanic breeze if you turn right. It is precisely that Mediterranean climate with an Oceanic touch that gives us unique conditions to practice water sports. The large beaches with crystal-clear waters and the Levant make Tarifa be the kingdom for practicing activities such as sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, fly surfing or diving. Largely, Tarifa has become one of the most important touristic coastal towns thanks to these activities. Also, it has turned into a first-rate destination for a constant tourism type regardless of the seasons. Doubtlessly, your stay at Hotel THe Tarifa Lances will have a different touch thanks to this surrounding of unrivalled beauty.