Hotel THe Tarifa Lances

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An unbeatable frame for the best portrait of your happiness.

Hotel THe Tarifa Lances is located in Tarifa, just 100 kilometers away from the capital Cádiz, at Europe´s southernmost point and nearest to Africa. Our four-star-hotel features a modern design and disposes of 100 rooms in four categories. We find typical Indonesian elements in its interior such as handmade pieces of art. Highlights are its outdoor spaces and the exclusive area only for adults that is fitted with Balinese beds and sunbeds for you to enjoy even more your stay, if possible.
Furthermore, Hotel THe Tarifa Lances is surrounded by natural landscapes of different reliefs that offer us to a wide range of activities in full nature. You also have in immediate proximity several sport and fashion shops at your disposal.

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Always yes, always one step ahead. We adapt to every client and every moment.

Innovation and eco-efficiency are the guide to ensure your health during your stay, while we take care of our planet.

We participate actively in the community we live in. We are committed to the environment, the history and the culture.

Quality makes the difference. Therefore, offering a quality service is our permanent challenge and our commitment.

We take care of our employees, and our employees take care of our clients. Our most precious capital: qualified and committed professionals that are passionate at their work.

We are responsible for all our actions and decisions. We act on the basis of our ethical code and the social responsibility.